Monday, December 5, 2011

Thanksgiving stuffing

Okay, well, I haven't been keeping up with my one recipe a week, have I?

This recipe is from Thanksgiving this year. I took a recipe that I have made every year, added some sausage, and ended up with better stuffing than usual.

Two loaves of bread
One medium red onion
Two sticks of butter
Sweet apple chicken sausage
Salt and pepper

Put it all together:
First, get to choppin'. I usually use three to four large celery sticks.

Now for some onion.

Cut up some sausage and add to the mix.

In a separate bowl start crumbling the bread. I usually take three pieces at a time, splash it under some water, and then tear it apart into the bowl.

Add melted butter.

Season to taste with salt and peper and start mixing in the veggies.

Bake with the rest of your turkey meal (add chicken broth if you choose) and serve with meal.

Hope you are all ready for some holiday eating.

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